Each year the Oyster Bay Art & Craft Festival hosts a number of yummy food stalls

Oyster Bay Art & Craft Festival

The Bay Bakery

Come and choose from our great selection of ‘home made’ items. Everything from banana bread to Rocky Road and slices galore. Without a doubt, everyone’s favourite stall!


BBQ Stall

Enjoy a hot bacon & egg roll for breakfast or one of our famous steak or sausage sandwiches, a roast beef roll, or corn on the cob from our volunteer run BBQ.

41989102 - doner kebab with cherry tomatoes and salad on wooden background. natural light, horizontal

Kebab Stall

Try our delicious bbq lamb kebabs served with salad and tzatziki sauce in a delicious wrap.


Devonshire Tea

Come and join us for a traditional Devonshire Tea or why not try some scones with a coffee. Enjoy our silver service while having some ‘time out’ from the fun of the Festival.

36904727 - coffee on the wood texture vintage color tone

Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate

Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocs will be served across the weekend from the early hours of setup for the committee and stall holders, through to the final moments on Sunday.


Mini Donuts

The smell you can’t ignore. Get your bag of hot mini donuts that many see as breakfast over the weekend.