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To volunteer at the Oyster Bay Art & Craft Festival, simply follow these easy steps

Step 1: From the Current Sign-up Sheets below, please select your preferred day to volunteer and click on View and Sign-up to see available volunteer positions.

Step 2: Choose your preferred volunteer position from the list and click on sign-up.

Step 3: Complete the sign-up form.

Step 4: You will receive a confirmation email upon submission and a reminder email 2 days before your shift.

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Saturday Volunteers

Date: May 25, 2019

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Volunteer Role Total Spots Available Spots
Volunteer Role Total Spots Available Spots
Gate - Main (Saturday 10am-12pm / 9.30am start)2 0
Gate - Main (Saturday 12-2pm)2 0
Gate - Main (Saturday 2-4pm)2 0
Gate - Bottom (Saturday 10am-12pm / 9.30am start)2 0
Gate - Bottom (Saturday 12-2pm)2 0
Gate - Bottom (Saturday 2-4pm)2 0
Ride Tickets (Saturday 10am-12pm)2 0
Ride Tickets (Saturday 12-2pm)2 0
Ride Tickets (Saturday 2-4pm)2 0
Plant Stall (Saturday 10.00am-1.00pm)1 0
Plant Stall (Saturday 1.00pm to 4.00pm)1 0
Face Painting Cashier (Saturday 10am-1pm)1 0
Face Painting Cashier (Saturday 1-4pm)1 1 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Hair/Nails (Saturday 10am-1pm)1 0
Hair/Nails (Saturday 12-2pm)1 0
Hair/Nails (Saturday 1-4pm)3 1 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Chocolate Game Cashier (Saturday 10-12pm)1 1 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Chocolate Game Cashier (Saturday 12-2pm)1 0
Chocolate Game Cashier (Saturday 2-4pm)1 0
Art Sales (Saturday 10am-1pm)2 0
Art Sales (Saturday 1-4pm)2 0
Book Stall (Saturday 10am-1pm)1 0
Book Stall (Saturday 1-4pm)1 0
School Stall (Saturday 10am-1pm)2 0
School Stall (Saturday 12-2pm)3 0
School Stall (Saturday 1-4pm)3 0
The Bay Bakery (Saturday 10-1pm)2 0
The Bay Bakery (Saturday 12-2pm)1 0
The Bay Bakery (Saturday 1-4pm)2 1 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
Devonshire Tea (Saturday 10am-1pm)2 0
Devonshire Tea (Saturday 12-2pm)3 0
Devonshire Tea (Saturday 1-4pm)2 1 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
BBQ (Saturday 9am-12pm)7 2 • (empty) - sign-ups closed
BBQ (Saturday 12-2pm)8 0
BBQ (Saturday 1-4pm)6 0
BBQ Runner (Saturday 12.00 to 2.00pm) 1 0
BBQ (Saturday 10am-1pm)2 0
BBQ (Saturday 12-2pm)5 0
BBQ (Saturday 1-4pm)5 0